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Collaborating with game-changing startups and exceptional founders to fuel growth. From the initial spark of an idea, through to launch and beyond.


Crew Ventures is where we bring digital products and services to life, rallying behind visionary founders who are committed to crafting a brighter future.

Armed with a unique mix of industry insights, startup wisdom and trusted partnerships, our goal is to uplift forward-thinking leaders and help make their dreams a reality. We're here to support you in creating groundbreaking products and building impactful brands that have the power to make a global splash.

Areas of support

Tap into our years of battle-tested experience to boost your team across many disciplines. And for areas our in-house expertise doesn't cover, we've got some brilliant industry trailblazing partners we can work alongside.

Getting a technical heads-up is like having your armour ready. We can guide you through those critical early stages of realising your idea - exploring its potential and helping spot any potential hurdles. We’ll help establish your appetite to risk and explore how different ways of doing things might affect your budget. Let's navigate this journey together!

Effectively managing the transition of your vision into the practical realm requires careful consideration and a nuanced approach. We’ll work collaboratively with you to originate a detailed product definition, helping turn high-level business objectives and specific requirements into an actionable backlog of tasks.

We’ll help you secure your spot in the market and make sure you shine. Beyond the art of branding, we’ll guarantee you possess a design language that resonates seamlessly across all touchpoints. Your distinction is our priority.

Small tests and experiments can be a great way to validate assumptions and refine detail. Prototypes can take many forms. Speculative design and layouts, clickable demos and small-scale code tests can be great for building confidence prior to production kick-off.

The interface between your product and your audience is critical to your project’s success, which is why thoughtful and intelligent design principles are applied to every project we deliver.

Solid technical foundations are an essential part of creating systems that can grow with your business. We bring together robust, tried and tested solutions with innovative technologies to give you best-in-class solutions to your software engineering needs.

We can help unleash substantial efficiencies by channelling the deep product insights gained during product development into a dynamic launch marketing campaign. We don't just create assets; we breathe life into them on the web and across social platforms, ensuring your brand takes centre stage.

External services

Business Strategy - If you need input on product vision, market fit or marketing strategy, we’ve got some expert research partners who can help inform your decision making.

Fundraising Support - If external fundraising is required, we can put you in touch with industry specialists who can assist with everything from VC access to grand applications.

A few thoughts from our partners.


Crew helped us turn a complex set of requirements into a living, breathing platform. They guided me through all of the important decisions needed to get us to market with a powerful product that was ready to scale.

Thomas Olivier - Founder


Collaborating with the team at Crew made everything seamlessly come together. They grasped the full potential of our project from the start, and their close partnership with me and the team played a crucial role in the successful launch.

Matt Hanrahan - Founder

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