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Skute 2.0

Skute V2 Hero image

Client: Qodo

Project type: Platform


In late 2018 we rebranded and relaunched Skute as both an iOS and Android application.

Since the original concept and build, NFC technology has evolved to become much more widely adopted by device manufacturers. The tipping point came in mid-2018 when Apple announced support for NFC in new and existing handsets.

Since then we have given the concept and application a new lick of paint in form of extra functionality and fresh branding.

Skute at its heart is still a physical to digital fan network, activated by NFC touch points offering an opportunity for objects to be the trigger for digital engagement. 

Skute V2 01
Skute V2 02
Skute V2 03
Skute V2 04
Skute V2 05
Skute V2 07