Crew have been involved in the development of the Skute platform since 2013. Working with Qodo Marketing we have helped create one of the first physically enabled digital networks.

Over the years we've assisted with branding, app design and development, video production and even physical product manufacture.

Skute uses contactless technology embedded in physical object to deliver unique digital experiences. Users can leave content at locations for others to discover and share using our trademarked silicon Pods. The resin based Skute Tags also double as wearables, bringing an element of digital fashion to the platform.

As part of the launch strategy, we took Skute to Cape Town to let local skate crews have a play with the platform. Straight away they picked up the Skutes and filmed themselves skating popular locations around the city. At each loaction they left their videos and photos for other skaters to discover, add to and share.

Check out the film below to see more

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