Back in August 2016 we started an ambitious project with Thomas Olivier to bring to market a new product in an exciting and emerging sector. Thomas's ambition is to enable people to maximise the potential of their body and well-being through the uncovering of their hidden DNA secrets.

The GenSmart app analyses a user's DNA profile and creates a proritised and personalised list of goals and activities focused towards improving all aspects of their lives. From fitness tips to nutrition and lifestyle tasks, the GenSmart app guides a user towards a complete knowledge of their DNA, the impacts their genes have on them and ultimately equips them with the tools to adapt towards optimimum health. The ultimate goal is to move health and lifestyle actions from reactive to preventative.

We assisted Thomas with branding, design, application development and backend engineering.

The first task we had was to create a logo and brand identity for GenSmart that we could build on through the app development process as well as building a web presence. 

Following on from the branding work we started to explore the features and requirements of the app itself. Starting with the GenSmart method that Thomas has created, we've built on the experience Thomas has gained from implementing the methodology with his existing clients and translated that to an app interface.

For the alpha version of the app we have created a core service which enables users to explore their DNA data, understand the specific impacts that their genes have on them and then start to effect those impacts with SMART goals and tasks. The aim of the goals and the tasks is to create relevance and context as well as practical advice all geared towards creating habitual change.

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