Rogue Films

Our friends at Rogue Films came to us with a really exciting brief: to create a brand new visual identity for the company and to launch it with a new, purpose-built website.

We embarked on a journey to get under the skin of Rogue, to understand what makes them tick and how that comes through in their attitude to life, work and creativity. It was really important to reflect this authenticity through a brand that people could believe in.

We developed numerous routes, exploring the different ways in which we could visually embody the spirit of Rogue. Once we arrived at an approach the guys loved, we moved into production, creating a flexible toolkit of visual elements that could be utilised in many different media and channels.

Following on from this we created a fully responsive site complete with user-friendly CMS to allow the team always be on top of sharing the work of their brilliant directors.

Latest work

  • Finlandia

    A Vodka Less Ordinary

  • IKEA

    IKEA Relax Into Greatness

  • KFC

    Double Down Countdown

  • Niantic

    Pokemon Go Travel

  • GenSmart

    Platform design

  • Live Nation

    Metropolis Music