Patchwork is a brand new platform developed exclusively for the MBA community.

Focussing on 3 pillars, Stay, Explore, Connect, Patchwork creates a hub for new, existing and past alumni to get together online. Here they can discover a targeted list of exclusive properties specifically catering to the MBA community, they can explore events and articles related to their campus as well as connect with a global network of students.

Crew have helped Patchwork to rise from initial concept, through ideation, proof of concept and onward to a fully live service. During this process we have helped the founder to define his business around a set of appropriate digital products.

We have been responsible for Design, UX, art direction, Branding as well as creating a bespoke and highly customised platform.

Latest work

  • Patchwork

    Property network

  • Firetree Chocolate

    Ecommerce platform

  • Qodo

    Skute 2.0

  • Finlandia

    A Vodka Less Ordinary

  • IKEA

    IKEA Relax Into Greatness

  • KFC

    Double Down Countdown