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This year has been a peculiar one to say the least. But there has been opportunities to be creative in a different space, with the overall aim to help out. Whether it's a big thank you to all those front line workers, donating unused travel expenses, helping to deflate the overblown ego of Trump and welcome in positive change, or a simple excuse to get you out of those repetitive Zoom calls. We've collaborated with some lovely, talented people on some great projects. The kind of way of working that is right up our street.

Help bring down Trump a peg or two you say? Where do we sign up we said? 

After 4 years of divisive political negativity, both here and abroad, we jumped at the chance to have our say. 

Over the course of a manic week 3 days before the US election, Creature London asked us to help them bring some much needed positivity with this simple but genius idea. Hit Trump where it really hurts; his ego.

If you haven't already, make sure you go and dump Trump from your twitter feed. &

TBWA London came to us with a fun little idea to tap into the stresses and strains of adapting to communicating through screens alone. Partnering with the Book of Man we launched during mental health week. This took the project from a fun bit of escapism to a much deeper and more important message.

This lockdown project was the first we worked on to involve a big brand. As part of a wider campaign from Mother London we helped create a digital home for an outpouring of appreciation to the NHS. Running alongside Uber's Free rides for NHS initiative this site came alive with fantastic messages of support and admiration in a colourful explosion of creativity.

Commit your commute was the first Lockdown collaboration we worked on at a time when everyone was coming to terms with just how bad things could get. We felt it was incredibly important to try and support a sector that would be hardest hit in whatever way we could.

This project proved to us that a shared collaborative spirit amongst link minded agencies can create some really positive changes.

As soon as we saw this idea from our friends at Creature London we knew we had to be involved. This simplest of all the builds but probably the most rewarding. Seeing these posters up in windows across london was thanks enough.

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