W+K London

At the end of November we proudly launched our latest campaign work for Wieden and Kennedy - an interactive musical game for Orange Romania.

The game allows players to perform an Xmas duet with Milledge and Doig, Orange Romania's much loved animated characters.

ATL activity in the run up to the game's launch centred around Milledge and Doig teaming up to perform the classic hit 'Two of a kind' on the piano together.

Players of the game can perform the same duet via their mobile, tablet or desktop, achieving a higher score the longer and more accurately they play. All players qualify for an offer of quadruple benefits when they top up their Orange PAYG account.

Production involved a number of interesting technical challenges. We created a bespoke MIDI processing component which utilises Web Audio to provide interactive sound, and a realtime Canvas graphics engine to co-ordinate the game visuals and character animations.

Accessibility across devices was a key concern, so we embedded testing into the development process in order to sense check performance at every stage. This enabled us to strike a good balance between CPU usage and creative flair. We created a scripted workflow in After Effects that enabled to quickly generate the various sprite sheets required across multiple resolutions - something that proved key to ensuring smaller screens (and often less capable CPUs) got an appropriate set of assets.

We worked with 3D production company Nexus to produce the character and scene assets. We started by creating prototype poses ourselves in Cinema 4D in order to give Nexus a detailed and accurate brief on what was required from the final renders.

Finally we created a Django back end API to handle offer redemption and the dynamically composited selfie images that players create for the leaderboard and social sharing.

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