Several of The Crew grew up on digital advertising, and still believe those little rectangles can be decent creative spaces if you put the graft into the craft. We therefore really enjoyed working on the "Have it all" campaign by TBWA London for Nissan.

We were tasked with creating a set of bespoke syncing ad formats based on the Sizmek platform. Our aim was to get the most creative impact from the dual unit format, whilst also pushing the production values as far as we could.

We utilised a variety of tools to bring the campaign to life: Sketch for layout and composition, C4D for 3D modelling and rendering, After Effects for compositing and Adobe Edge for final compilation and animation.

Some of the executions required realistic physical animations, so we leaned heavily on the dynamics capabilities of Cinema 4D.

To preview sequences, we set up templates within After Effects to mirror the various publisher layouts the ads would be featured in. This enabled us to tweak and optimise how the final sequences interacted with each across the various units.

The final piece of the puzzle was an automated gulp.js workflow to kick out the many variations required, as doing this by hand would have been time consuming, error prone and would have made it more difficult to accommodate creative changes.

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