TK Maxx


W+K London

For Xmas 2016, TK Maxx and W&K London wanted to create an unusual and unexpected virtual shopping assistant starring the littlest and cutest family member from their festive TVC.

Users could interact and converse with the ‘Baby Oracle’, who would give them plenty of baby chat, some funny festive GIFs and ultimately a personalised gift suggestion film which they could share with their friends and family.

Throughout the experience, we used the user’s profile name sparingly to make the conversation seem natural. He knew how long it was to go until the big day (although the logic was never designed to run past Xmas 2016, so the screen capture made in March 2017 features a reading of -93 days!). He had lots to say about all the various different types of presents the user might have been given in the past. We also added logic to deal with bad language and users who interrupted Baby Oracle mid-thought.

Once the user answered the four questions Baby Oracle had for them, their choices, name and profile picture were used to generate a personalised film which they could then share straight to their Facebook timeline. 

The experience was created using RiveScript, a flexible and dynamic scripting language for creating bots. The RiveScript processing was executed via a Django backend which allowed creatives from the agency to tweak the script and responses directly.

The personalised films were created using a scalable rendering cloud in the form of Impossible Software’s dynamic video platform.

All the various elements, from the chat functionality to the web facing components were designed to provide a completely consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobile.

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