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We love what we do and we love working with others who feel the same way. We strive to make Crew a friendly, open, honest and human place to work. We don't just want our team to make great work, we want them to have a great time doing it.

Positions available -

  • Developer

    At Crew, we want to build world class user experiences with the highest quality technical foundations. Development is therefore completely key to what we do.

    We want everyone that works with us to feel empowered to craft with ownership and pride. We strive to create a team dynamic and working process whereby that can happen every day.

    We’re currently on the lookout for a mid-weight developer looking to take on more of a lead role. Outside of the core areas listed below, your passion and personal approach are more important to us than a fixed skill list. We’re happy to help people learn areas of our stack they might be unfamiliar with.

    What’s much more vital is that you share our love of technical and creative finesse. On the tech side, that means someone who cares deeply about things like robustness, lightness, scaleability and maintainability. On the creative front, we’re after someone who loves visually lead UX, and who is able to utilise movement and animation to bring an added dimension to an experience.

    Core skills:

    • Javascript
    • Experience with some kind of framework (eg. React, Angular, Vue etc.)
    • CSS preprocessors
    • Tooling (eg. Gulp, Webpack, Parcel)

    Not essential, but cool if you’ve ever played with:

    • Canvas / Web GL
    • Web Audio
    • React Native
    • Greensock Animation Platform
    • Backend (we mainly use Python and Ruby)
    • Docker
    • AWS / Heroku / GCS
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